Seaman Loan Offer in Iloilo – 1 Day Release Loan Processing with Low Interest

seaman loanIloilo is probably one of the biggest island province in Visayas region in the Philippines. Because of this fact, the province has become one of the target positions for placement of lending company branch by the office that I work with. And as a Capiznon, I would just like to reiterate that being a neighboring province of Capiz, Iloilo is absolutely a very good venue to compete with bank providers offering seaman loan. In order to apply, you may visit this page –

1 day release loan

Bank Vs Private Lending Seaman Loan Offer

Just like in Manila, banks in Iloilo has found a way to offer this non collateral unsecured personal loan for maritime workers. The reason? It’s because very few competition offer the lowest possible interest rate that seafarers can get a hold on to for assurance that they get fees charged at the least amount possible. On the other hand, private lending companies who have found a way to compete in a different level with respect to seaman loan via giving the convenience of loan application approval in a 1 day release loan for Filipino sailors. This way, the competition gets even out in different perspectives and levels of offer character.

While banks offer guaranteed low interest rates, private lending companies offer fastest processing time with same day release of cash loan proceeds. Furthermore, banks will have less charges to no processing fees at all and to equate to this offer by financing institutions, private lenders have found a way to collaborate with resourceful ideas of making the loan approval process much faster at a fastest experience of 4-6 hours only. To each his own and banks have a different set of clientele based from fees while private lenders have theirs at a category of fast loan approval convenience offer.

pre-qualify for seaman loanTo further attest to the growing competition between banks like BDO, Security Bank, Tanay Rural Bank (TRB) and other banks with private lenders like Asialink, Global Dominion, Macondray Finance, Easy Cash, Alladin, Welcome Financing, Westwind and many other private lending companies in the Philippines, I have data in my accounts where I was able to cater and get released some clients with both lenders for seaman loan which I choose not to disclose for privacy purposes.

If for some reason you are a seafarer who is looking forward to get professional, qualified and FREE assistance from a duly accredited loan consultant for your seaman loan application in Capiz or Iloilo, please refer to my contact details below.

You may also visit this page here – or download and fill up a loan application form here.

Call to ask about any of our Loan products – Sam Casuncad (Pinoy loan consultant)
home office phone: 542 7015 / 366 3645
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Globe No 0917 – 5019245
Email application form at

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