NLE Result 2013 soon: PRC, to launch nursing board June as scheduled

nle result 2013

June 2013 NLE Result

There is a yearly schedule by PRC with regards to nursing board. This year, just like any other year, NLE result 2013 will be released probably after a few days from the actual examination. Examination dates will probably be on June first week which means that in a matter of 1 week or maybe even less, the Professional Regulation Commission will be out to release the test passers and new RNs (registered nurses) in the Philippines.

Anyway, if you are out to see the full list of passers, you might want to go check the official website of the PRC here –, the agency of the Philippine government that is responsible for launching all professionalization examinations for Filipinos looking to up it up a notch with their professional qualification.

If in case you were not able to see the full and complete list of test passers, there is always an alternative option and that is to go and head straight to different online news websites like, philippinestar or and go to the their official web page where they post the passers list for the nursing board. Good luck to all nurses.

Watch out for a video release that we will feature here in Capiznon Blogger blog.

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