Donaire fights it out with Slugger Omar Narvaez in WaMu Theater

Back here in Capiz, it surely is going to be an exciting day this coming Sunday as I have subscribed to the Donaire vs Narvaez live streming boxig fight straight from WaMy theater in Madison Square Garden. As others have predicted, this boxing match could be a fast easy one simply because both fighters love to slug it out with their opponents. With strength as proven as both Omar Narvaez and Nonito Donaire have, WaMu is surely going to explode.

With an impressive ring record being the undefeated fighter, the Argentinian, Narvaez hopes to knock out the Filipino Flash in the first 5 rounds. On the other hand, with an impressive show against downed opponent, Montiel who is a world champion for so long, Donaire will not let the fists of Narvaez land on him. He will surely counter it out with all his strength to try to knock down Omar in the same prediction as the latter had. This is going to be an exciting boxing match come Sunday, October 23, 2011 here in Capiz.

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