Global Crisis Brings Adsense Publisher Earnings Down

Well at least here in Capiz where there are so many bloggers and SEOs who earn part of their income from signing up and becoming a Google Adsense publisher were affected by the recent global economic crisis that’s been happening. This is due to the fact that many advertisers have prompted for lower PPC budgets to avoid business degeneration and loss.

It has been a usual trend to cut a little bit of the costs just to help any business survive in the middle of the global crisis that’s been happening since late last year all over the world. Today, if the advertisers have cut down their PPC budgets, that would eventually mean lower earnings too for the publishers. This is a domino effect here that we are currently feeling not just in Capiz but all over the world. To be able to get out of this, we have to be fast and it makes the competition a little bit more stiff than the usual.

This brings about harder terms on ranking pages as everyone else is doing what you do so you have to go find extra things ans stuff and gimmicks for the search engines to like your pages and eventually help you rank them and receive traffic and clicks and eventually earn from those.

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