Google Adsense Accounts Down on Good Friday

I was surprised upon looking and checking on my Google AdSense account today as it was down and had a message of “our google engineers are already looking in to this, please check back again later” message. This is the first time in so many months and years that I have seen the service down and I don’t know how I can see the details during Good Friday which is a significant day to see which among keywords were earning for sites.

Although I have tracking installed, there is about 1 week differential with the Google webmaster account as well as the Google Analytics which provides us the details and information about the ranking keywords as well as those that we have that actually gets the visits during a particular period.

I wish that this will soon be remedied by Google because their advertisers and publishers are all looking forward to see details each second of the day to be able to implement the right steps to earn more or get more visitor share for their business. – tnomeralc web design toys

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