Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 Villain Polluting the Index with Lies

Recently, someone tried to jeopardize the ongoing contest dubbed as Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 SEO blogging contest. What happened is that this person is labeling people who are joining this contest as being scammed. In true essence and based in the comments that I read, he did not admit he is calling the contest as scam or the organizers as scammers.

True, he didn’t but the big question is how do you really distinguish the difference between someont pinpointing that he or she did not directly imply such words? How do you label this ” DO NOT JOIN! YOU ARE ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BE USED IN A SCAM!” What does this mean? Isn’t it true that if you discourage people from joining such an event that you cannot pinpoint to be a scam contradict your statement such as what has been quoted here?

This lying bastard has the nerve to say things that contradict himself and it makes him the most like a moron who does not have th nerve to stand by what he is blogging about. Anyway, what’s important is that this person relize that for what he just did, he is taking on everybody who joins an artful contest with all the spamming and all the techniques used. C’mon, let’s just have some fun here. Don’t be a SUCH A DIC*. trying to go against the flow.

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