Too Much Spam Could Kill You

“Too much spam could kill you”. No. this is not the spam in the fridge and not the song we all know about. This is about Matt Cutts speaking about avoiding spam in the web because sooner or later, Google will be all over us getting rid of all spam and paid links. This is…. while they let some Google Japan people get paid for blogging. What the fuc*! Yes… and I’m glad I saw that video where Matt really apologized to the public while saying his most favorite line – Google HATES PaID LINKS and that Google’s position with paid links hasn’t changed.

Isn’t that nice? No it isn’t because all the while Mr. Matt claims that Google is this and that, they are actually letting paid post to go a long long long way. Ok. I am one of those who gets paid for blogging and since Google discourage paid linking, would it be right to put up some claims that big G is actually breaking its won rules?

Look at those get paid for blogging schemes out there waving their flag all over the web and literally billions of internet geeks and bloggers telling them, hey, I got PR 6 and Google trusts me even I promote selling links of all sorts. Well, what about that?

Watch the video below and see how Matt Cutts think and say his words, contrary to what I got here in this post.

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