The Lesser the Plug-Ins

True, the lesser the plug-ins you have in your blogs, the better. Why, simple, it has all been said all over the web and it seems that some of us have that stubborn head over our hypothalamus that we don’t bother to put some interest on this. Take out some unnecessary plug-ins in your WordPress and you will see the great light.

Why? Loading time is very important my friend and if you want to be there on top over the others while using WordPress, then better take a few clothes off. That will speed up the loading time and eventually speed up the earnings if you are trying to get some buck out of AdSense. We all are so better that way just to make sure that the page a visitor loads in his window will be available in the shortest possible time.

Plug-ins, they’re really good but sometimes, when you load up too much of it, you will notice that the loading time of your blog will slow down dramatically enough to shut down visitors and leave at once. People don’t take time waiting for a page to load, only your blogs so if I were you, get that excess plug-in out and enjoy clean free living by blogging.

On the other hand, for those who are using blogger platform, please, take out so much of those widgets that add up some load to your pages. We all know that plain texts are always better than scripts and images so take that out and make you blogspots an earning machine instead. Nah!, makes me remember the good ol’ times when blogspots are literally great but with poor templates. I was actually one of those who got a WordPress Template working for a blogger. Great feeling that time because a lot of my visitors ask where I got the template.

Anyway, the important thing is, take that old schoold dress and and take out that excess baody weight in your blogs and you’ll see the difference.

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