Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 – Training Ground for SEO Blogging

Yup, contests are training grounds for a good SEO blogging technique. The question is, to what extent do the participants want to learn about tech blogging and if ever they think about it, what and how do they handle their education? Personally, I can attribute a lot of what I know about SEO blogging or tech blogging to contests. Aside from this, I all I do everyday of my life is to blog and see what works and what doesn’t.

This is the same reason I am using this blog exclusively for Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 SEO blogging contest. Because I want to find out something the Google has in their index. I want to know more how I get penalized or how I get trusted. Yes, I must admit that ranking is not always the target if you are in the tech blogging but it is everything in any other corners for a bloggers who is inclined to SEO.

So what happens if you embrace too much of what is not and less of what should be done? Simple, its either you go down your rankings or you go up. Going down by the way may also include getting penalized. I have experienced a lot about this one but to tell you, my dear readers frankly, I am good at what I do. I have seen how it is done through a series of launching my own training ground, not just contests and races against fellow tech bloggers.

Anyway, aside from the fact that SEO is an art for me more than anything else like technical choices, I would like to put emphasis on people who launch contests and join their own. Yes, there is this one contest here in the Philippines where the sponsor himself/herself joined his/her own contest. He/She knows about that of course. Others too but the fact that this blog is fast reaching its target, I want Capiznons to know about it.

Shameless contest sponsor that person is (no, not the sponsor of Hectic Capiznon). Recently, there is another controversy and I do not want to put more time on this because there are other good and better things to do that just talk about it. Shameless people they are. I will not mention any name, he knows who he is or who they are. Right? Birds of the same feather fu*k flock together.

So what now? Report this blog? Yes, you can do that if you have to guts to add up to all your shameless accusations and deeds. you’re a shame to the industry and people like you don’t deserve any friends or even a blog to write in to. If you read about my other post about Idiots and Morons, that’s who these kinds people are. Oooops no names eh. I would just let thunder strike you whoever you are and Capiznon bloggers already know that.

Happy SEO blogging and I hope you all learn a thing or two somewhere along the way. It’s always free to spam, just don’t get caught. After all, SEO is an art and not a science.

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