Of Idiots and Morons

idiots and morons

idiots and morons

There are morons here in this world and in the long run, what they become are idiots. Thinking there ever will be white hat SEO when everybody knows that somewhere along the way, we all do what we have to do. For example, there are people who claim they only use white hat SEO to drive their client sites or personal websites to the top of the search results but actually, something, somewhere along the way, they just want to be there whatever it takes as long as it is not obvious.

This entry for example, is not where it was supposed to be because this is not really an entry, just a test to see where SEO efforts will lead to. Look at what happened, after a few hours, here it is. already in the top 10 results knowing that there are other competing entries who are doing all their best.

I did not do anything here yet, just a few onpage SEO (white hat as they say) and few link building and comments here and there. This page is not even indexed in Yahoo engine and yet, it tremendously climbed its way up.

While this is the case of this blog, there are others who criticize others claiming they do white hat only SEO. C’mon, we all know about white hat is just bull, plain bull. This is the true thrill, the truth is, this is just a game where everybody makes a bookmark of their own pages every now and then.

Hectic blogger’s schedule this 2009 eh! Well, To all fellow Capiznon who are in this race, welcome to the club of spammers and possible black hatters. No, this is not a bait or something, just the truth. In order to build massive links, we need to have resources and where there is only a few available, what you do is make use of it until it wears out.

hey, I’m not saying those who claim they are white hat SEOs are idiots and morons, they’re just a victim of innocence in the first degree where they are their own victims. Wake up, it’s a wonderful world out there and the art is just starting to get to my nerves. SEO is never meant for white hats nor black hats nor grey hats, its just an art. YES! SEO IS AN ART. You do it your way whichever as long as somewhere along the way, you learn. NOBODY IS AN IDIOT OR A MORON UNTIL THEY REALIZE THIS.

See you later alligators

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